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Gipton Fire Station

Gipton Fire Station to be changed into community and business centre

Gipton Fire Station has been bought by GFS Community Enterprise. They are working with local charities from Leeds to change the fire station to a centre that will contain activities and services for people living in the local area of Gipton.

There are lots of charity organisations who are planning to work from the new community centre including GIPSIL, Healthwatch, Leeds United Foundation, People in Action, Space2 and Zest Health for Life.

The new community centre is planning to be open in spring 2017.

New activities at the centre will include

  • A community cafe.
  • Cookery centre.
  • Creative community projects.
  • Growing and Gardening.
  • Training and volunteering.You can send your¬†thoughts, ideas and feedback¬†about the new community centre to