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A man is seen standing next to a bus stop. A red bus is approaching in the distance

Have Your Say on West Yorkshire Bus Strategy Accessibility Policy Proposal

From July to October last year, West Yorkshire Combined Authority talked to people about the West Yorkshire Bus Strategy.

Over 3500 sent a reply to give their thoughts about the transport in Leeds.

After looking at all the replies, West Yorkshire Combined Authority is pleased that the ideas for how to improve transport in Leeds have been well liked by people.

In some of the replies from the meeting, some people had said there are problems with accessibility of the bus system. And that these accessibility problems are experienced by many people. These accessibility issues are causing problems for people with disabilities and people who have problems moving easily.

With these problems in mind, West Yorkshire Combined Authority has created an additional Accessibility Policy Proposal to add to its plans on improving the bus service.

They want to get people's views on this additional proposal.

You have until Monday 1st May 2017 to fill in the survey.

When you have filled in the survey please post it to

Consultation Team

View the Easy Read Accessibility Policy

View the EasyRead Accessibility Policy Survey