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Learning Disability Expert Adviser Vacancy With NHS England North Region Team

There are 2 jobs as the Expert Advisers will work as coworkers. One person will be a person with lived experience, so someone with a learning disability and or autism.

The other person will be a person without a learning disability who can work alongside their co-worker.

Both advisers will need experience of,

  • checking learning disability services,
  • working as an expert by experience or with experts,
  • speaking up for the rights of people with learning disabilities and or autism.

What will the Advisers do?

The Learning Disability Advisers will be an important member of the team. The Advisers will use their experience of services and understanding the needs of others, to help us all make sure that people with learning disabilities are at the centre of the work. You will work and advise on projects and have your own project plan.

You will work with a co-worker. This will be another person who is an adviser. There will be one co-worker with a learning disability and or autism and one person without a learning disability or autism.

Both advisers will work together and be supported to think about who does which bits of the job. Both advisers will need to be good at working with a partner.

What will the Adviser earn?

The actual salary will be £7,116 for the six month period working for 18 ¾ hours a week.

This is based on a full time salary of £28,462 a year. Both advisers will earn the same amount.

This is a part-time job and will be for six months. The job might be available for longer than this but we can’t say this for definite yet.

For an application pack please email -

Telephone 0113 244 4792

Click here:

The deadline for this job application is Thursday 2nd February 2017.