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Action for Blind People

Action for Blind People provides practical and emotional advice and support across England to people who are blind or partially sighted and their friends and family.

Action for Blind People has been offering vital support for people who are blind and partially sighted for over 150 years. We have been known under different names but supporting blind and partially sighted people has always been at the heart of what we do.

Action for Blind People was founded in 1857 as the Surrey Association for the General Welfare of the Blind and later became the London Association for the Blind. The Association's main activities in the early days were teaching blind people to read and to learn practical trades such as basket weaving.

Opportunities and attitudes towards visually impaired people changed over the years, along with the nature and the scale of our work. As a result our name was changed to Action for Blind People in 1999.

Action is one of the largest sight loss charities in the UK. We have many services which help blind and partially sighted people with different aspects of their lives, from supporting people at the time they are diagnosed with a sight condition to hotels, resource centres and employment services.

We work with other expert organisations to draw on a wide range of skills and resources. Our close relationship with RNIB, with whom we formed a formal partnership in April 2009, enables us to use the combination of our complementary strengths and expertise to help an ever inceasing number of people with sight loss. Working together in this way allows both organisations to share skills and deliver services in line with the UK Vision Strategy and RNIB Group Strategy.

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