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Haqooq- Aspire for More

We are a charity that supports people with learning. physical disabilities and those struggling with mental health to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose. We believe that both disabled people, regardless the level of their disability and those with mental health difficulties should have the freedom to live their lives the way they choose  with the opportunity and support to live independently, contribute economically and participate fully in society.

Our vision looks at raising aspirations of disadvantaged individuals so they can reach their full potential. We hope to do this by reducing exclusion and isolation of individuals so they can participate fully in the community, increasing opportunities for individuals with diverse disabilities, their carers and those with mental health difficulties in addition to providing innovative, creative, recreational, personal, development, social and life skills support.

Our activities help increase opportunities, learning, training, leisure and recreation activities as well as work experience for people with learning or physical disabilities including sensory difficulties, mental health problems, autism, challenging behaviours and their carers. The focus is directed at those considered most at need, particularly in BAME communities and those difficult to reach and unrecognized young carers. We make a difference to people’s lives by looking at people individually, through their abilities and strengths not their disabilities. We believe everyone has a right to pursue their dreams, make a difference to the world, and have to ability to live independently and contribute economically.

In addition, we have increased the participation in traditional arts and culture by providing innovative programmes of work that supports people with all levels of disability, carers and those struggling with mental health and helped them achieve nationally recognized qualifications, support into work and further/higher education.

3 Darfield Ave
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