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Meanwood Valley Urban Farm – Community Based Learning (Age Group 25+)

Activities include:

  • Gardening (assisting with the planning of the annual growing programme).
  • Greenhouse work which involves sowing seeds and pot on.
  • Clearing beds and preparing them ready for planting.
  • Planting, tending beds, watering and harvesting produce which is prepared ready for retail in the farm shop.
  • Some customers have their own small plots which they manage and plan their own growing programme incorporating: Preparing the ground, selecting seed varieties, planting, tending the plants, weeding and harvesting their produce which they can take home.
  • Maintenance- fencing, building bird/ bat boxes, building timber cloches.
  • Shop- (optional) spending Thursday mornings in the farm shop serving customers.
  • Basic Skills- Monday classes support customers build their English and Mathematic skills through interactive learning methods incorporating tactile and visual activities.
Meanwood Valley Urban Farm
Sugarwell Road
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