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Metcalfe Smith Trust

The Metcalfe Smith Trust has been helping disadvantaged people across Leeds since 1867.

The Trust provides funding to projects and individuals to relieve hardship connected with sickness, ill-health or disability.

The following list should help you decide if you are eligible to apply for a grant from The Metcalfe Smith Trust.

What can be funded

Grants where the money will make a significant difference to the quality of life or independence of adults or children with a physical disability, long term illness or a mental health difficulty.

Grants for the purchase of equipment, or pay for course fees leading to greater independence or employment, or provide a respite break which enable any of the above.

Grants can be made to both individuals and organisations.

Grants are only given to applicants living in the area of benefit - which is within the metropolitan district of Leeds.

National projects may apply only if the project is specific to Leeds.

Please see some of the examples of grants that have already made for clarity on how these guidelines translate into real difference making opportunities.

Grants are usually between £250 and £2,500

What will not be funded

  • Grants to individuals outside the area of benefit.
  • General appeals.
  • Research costs.
  • Fundraising initiatives.
  • We will not commit to making recurrent grants.
Metcalfe Smith Trust
c/o Voluntary Action Leeds
Stringer House
34 Lupton Street
LS10 2QW
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