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Sensory Fun Bus Leeds

Sensory Fun Bus

The sensory Fun Bus has been created to overcome problems that stop people from accessing sensory rooms.

This service is available to everyone from babies through to adults with sensory processing disorders. Or people who just enjoy sensory room experiences.

We have many great features in the Sensory Fun Bus, which we can adapt and change depending on your needs.

We can come to your doorstep.

The bus includes

  • Interactive Projector
  • Light Tube & Bubble Tube
  • Black Light
  • Variety of Mirrored Walls
  • Sparkle & U.V. Tube Fibre Optics
  • Bean Bags
  • LED Disco Ball
  • LED Colour Changing Lights
  • Separate room “The Den”
  • A cave with Fibre Optic Ceiling
  • A bunk with 6” Memory Foam Bed
  • Plus lots more to discover!

See the Sensory Fun Bus website for more details and information about costs.

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