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Outdoors active and well logo is made from a yellow circle with a green wartering can. On the watering can are the words outdoors active and well.

Outdoors Active and Well

Join a weekly community group in a safe and supportive place.

Gardening and walking groups take place across different areas of Leeds including,

  • Armley Mills.
  • Cross Green.
  • Hollybush Conservation Centre.
  • Chapeltown.
  • Hyde Park.

Some of the benefits of joining the outdoors active and well group include,

Be Outdoors,

  • Get some fresh air.
  • Learn new skils.
  • Connect with nature.

Be Active,

  • Improve your fitness.
  • Make a change in your community.
  • Connect with local people.
  • Feel motivated.
  • Know your rights whilst volunteering on benefits.

Be Well,

  • Feel happier and more confident.
  • Feel more relaxed and less anxious.
  • Improve your diet.
  • Access peer support groups.
  • Build Friendships and a support network.