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People Matters Adult Learning 2019 Prospectus

On all of People Matters courses you will work towards targets set with the tutor and keep a journal. These are so you can see how busy you have been and how much you have learnt whilst having fun and making new friends.

It is really important that you attend every session so you enjoy your learning, and carry on seeing your friends. If you feel that you would struggle to attend 100% then please speak to us and we can support you.

If you are a carer or support worker attending with your learner then please make sure you keep in touch with us regarding any issues.

If you are interested in a course and want to find out more, you can contact the office on
0113 234 6896 or email

When you phone us, someone will contact you to have a chat about the course you want to do and the support you will need. This can be done over the phone or in as a 1-1 meeting. If you prefer to come into the office, this can be arranged.

Barkston House, 46 Croydon St, Leeds LS11 9RT, UK