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Belle Isle Elderly Aid

Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid (BIEWA) was established in 1985 in response to severe winter weather conditions which put the health of older people in danger from the effects of cold weather in this particularly bad winter. The health effects were exacerbated by poor housing stock, poor insulation and unaffordable fuel bills. Belle Isle is recognised as a deprived area and older people’s income is a particular issue in this area.

The services offered by BIEWA have developed from this initial focus on Winter Health issues to encompass a wide range of activities addressing problems of Poverty, Ill Health and Loneliness. We work to address these needs in the following strategic areas, Social Contact; Safety & Security; House & Home; Healthy Living and Winter Warmth.

The activities and services developed to address these needs will be in response to what we have been told by older people and in partnership with them.  

Belle Isle Elderly Aid
26 Broom Crescent
Belle Isle
LS10 3JN
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