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BHA Leeds Skyline

BHA Leeds Skyline provides a range of support services to people living with HIV in Leeds and their partners, families and carers. Our support groups are also open to people living with HIV from outside of the Leeds area.

BHA Leeds Skyline began providing HIV services in Leeds in 2007.
Our role is:
• To support people living with or affected by HIV in the Leeds area.
• To work with African communities in Leeds to raise awareness of HIV.

The name ‘Skyline’ was given to us by one of our first service users and it implies the range of future challenges, options and possibilities that may lie ahead for HIV+ people.
Leeds Skyline is part of the Manchester based health and social care charity BHA. Historically BHA has been involved in providing HIV services in the North West since 1990. In 2007 BHA developed a new HIV service in Leeds which is known as ‘BHA Leeds Skyline’.

Today BHA Leeds Skyline is committed to ensuring that all individuals living with or affected by HIV receive the support and information they need.

4th Floor Gallery House
131 The Headrow
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