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East Street Arts

East Street Arts is dedicated to making art accessible to all.  We operate on an international scale, supporting artists at all levels and stages of their careers.  We sustain the alternative and challenge the norm through creating the space, time and resource for artists to be innovative, pioneering and successful.

At the heart of our philosophy is developing unique, provocative and experimental environments for artists, residents, businesses and tourists to convene.

We occupy the places in which we live, bringing creativity, vibrancy and life to urban environments: from  artistic commisiions which reimagine public space to our portfolio of temporary and permanent arts properties.

Led by a dynamic trio of directors our property portfolio spans the length and breadth of the country providing artistic workspaces and studios, exhibitions venues, community art hubs and most recently the UK's first independent Art Hostel, creating a home-from-home for an international community of artists and curious tourists alike.

East Street Arts (HQ)
Patrick Studios
St.Mary’s Lane
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