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A many is holding some money in his hand above him is a thought bubble suggesting that he is thinking about how he might spend the money to buy a house.

JMS Fund for family carers to convert properties to convert properties

The JMS Fund provide funding for family carers to convert properties so that they meet the needs of people with learning disabilities.

To access the fund you meet the following rules,

• Grants are available to groups of family carers, not to organisations – although those groups may wish to form an alliance with an existing not-for-profit organisation so as to ensure the long-term future of what they set up.

• The Trust offers funding for capital (setting it up), not for revenue (day to day running), because revenue funding is already available from elsewhere.

• In order to make the funding go as far as possible, it is intended for the refurbishment / conversion of property for its new purpose, not for its purchase. (Some family carers have found properties that already belong to organisations but are surplus to requirements and can be released for this new purpose because the organisation that owns them will then get some income from an asset which otherwise costs them money, but can now serve a different role and a new purpose. Others have started from scratch, and sought out a local property which they buy between them, but which is then converted / renovated with JMS funding).

• The Trust supports provision for small groups of adults with learning disabilities living communally together and is not intended for individuals.

• Because the funding aims to put family carers in the driving seat, those carers maintain far higher levels of control over the outcome from beginning to end.

• There is no set funding round. Applications can be considered at any time, and are welcome from anywhere in the UK.

For an initial informal discussion please phone Jill on 0148 435 0612 or Mark / Liz on 0192 449 6095.

If you have a funding proposal that you would like to be considered, please send details of your proposal to Liza Grenfell, JMS Trust:

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