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Turning Lives Around

Turning Lives Around prevents homelessness through a series of pioneering interventions which are unique and tailored to every individual.

Turning Lives Around inspire people to believe that change and recovery are possible and that they hold the keys to Turn Their Own Lives Around.

Turning Lives Around has a long heritage of preventing homelessness for those most vulnerable and at the margins of society.

From its humble beginnings in the early 1970s TLA was originally called Leeds Housing Concern to clearly say what we did.

Even then, LHC, was a pioneering housing organisation that worked with vulnerable adults and young people to prevent homelessness and help people get back on their feet and live fulfilling lives in sustainable communities.

Turning Lives Around works with people who have a history of drugs and drink abuse, ex-convicts and those who have been abused and are either homeless or facing homelessness, single or families.

But preventing and solving homelessness is more than just a roof over someone’s head. Turning Lives Around supports people marginalised in society to get back on their feet and lead independent lives.

TLA support them through education in both formal and social skills, offering them training for jobs and has even set up its own social enterprise, Clean Start. Originally it provided part time employment for a handful of people. Today, Clean Start is a profitable business offering full time employment and service in West Yorkshire.

Turning Lives Around
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Ashbrooke Business Park
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