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Purple Patch Arts

Purple Patch Arts

If you are someone you know might like to come to Purple Patch Arts then this is what to do.

Stage 1 – Get in touch

Anyone can get in touch with our Prgrammes Manager Bronia. She is very friendly. If you are a person with a learning disability you can phone or email us yourself. Or a tutor, family member, friend or social worker can do it for you.

Phone or text: 0772 504 1801


Stage 2 – Finding out information

When you get in touch with Bronia she will ask you or someone you know some questions. She will want to know what support you will need if you come to Purple Patch and other things like emergency contact details. This is so we can support you really well and make sure you have a great time.

Stage 3 – Arranging a visit

Bronia will be able to tell you about where our programmes are and when they happen. Once you have decided which is best for you, she will arrange a visit.  We call these visits ‘Free Tasters’. That means you come along and try it out and it doesn’t cost you any money.

Stage 4 – Free Taster sessions

Next you will come along to Purple Patch for 2 weeks. You will take part in activity and get to know the staff and other people.

Stage 5 – Making a booking

After you have come to your Free Taster sessions Bronia will talk to you and the people who support you about whether you would like to keep on coming. If you would like to do this, then you will be asked to make a booking. This means filling in a form and agreeing to come every week. We can help you fill in the form.

Stage 6 – Paying for your place

After you make a booking your place at Purple Patch will cost £35 per day for Lifelong Learning or £21 per workshop for Feel Good. This money should come from your budget. You might have direct payments which you can use for this. If you don’t then you should ask your social worker or care manager for a review to see if they can organise a payment. If you don’t have a social worker or care manager and don’t know where the money should come from, please don’t worry. We can work with you to help with this. We can give some people bursary places. This means you can carry on coming for free until we found out where the money should come from.