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An outdoor scene at night time. There is a crescent moon and stars in the sky

Dark Night Safety Tips

Now the clocks have gone back the nights are starting to get dark earlier.

Here are some top tips to keep yourself safe whilst at home.

  • Only answer the door to someone you are expecting.
  • Use peep holes or if possible, check through windows to see who is at your door.
  • Always use the door chain when answering the door to any caller.
  • Check identification details by phoning the genuine telephone number from the telephone book or website, not the telephone number on the ID card.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked.
  • Never let anyone in your house unless it is someone you know and trust.
  • Get outside lights fitted to give a better view of anyone who may be on your doorstep.
  • If in doubt or worried do not let anyone in to your house.